Great Quality Brisbane Homes

Great Quality Brisbane Homes

Slide: Stroud Homes brings you great quality

James Stroud: At Stroud Homes, we understand that you want great quality in your home. I’m living in the same area as my customers and I want to be surrounded by people who love their homes. So what I did is, I started by setting up a living checklist where anything that went wrong in the home, was added to a checklist, so we can ensure that it never, ever went wrong again.

We made that system even easier to use by putting it on a tablet computer. Now, our supervisor checks off the most minute quality details on your site, while he’s visiting the site. We follow all this up with weekly meetings where any loose ends are tied up. And then to monitor our own performance, we bring in an independent handover company, who checks the homes for us and give us a score on how well we did.

You’re invited to the inspection that day and you’re able to speak to those people and ask them how good your Stroud Home is. Now, they’ll tell you that Stroud Homes achieves in the Top Five percent of the builders they inspect, we’re very proud of that.

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Stroud Homes brings you great quality