Great Value Brisbane Homes

Great Value Brisbane Homes

SlideStroud Homes brings you great value

James Stroud: At Stroud Homes, it’s not all about delivering the house package that has nothing in it just to make it look cheap. You can be assured that we’ve got great value in your home. We’ve made it a point at Stroud Homes to hire staff who have worked at some of the biggest building companies in Australia, so they can go out and negotiate very competitive prices.

Many people come to us and are pleasantly surprised that the competitive pricing that we can offer, so what you’re getting is big builder pricing and small builder service.

The next thing we learned is that suppliers need a good environment to work in before they can offer good prices. The smooth running operations of Stroud Homes mean that they give us great prices and they give us preferential treatment all the time, and we can pass that on to you too.

From another angle the build time to you has much value. If your neighbor is built with another building across the street and they have taken two months longer that your home, then they’re paying interest, they’re paying rent. It’s costing them money.

Come on out and look at Stroud Homes, you’ll find out that our value is impeccable.

Thanks for listening.

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Stroud Homes brings you great value