Growth On The Sunshine Coast

Growth On The Sunshine Coast

Stroud Homes Sunshine CoastAfter his first year of business, Daniel Chapman and the team at Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast have experienced significant growth, which they largely attribute to happy customers.

“We have a strong referral base now coming through from the clients we’ve built for, which lines up with our core mission statement of greatly improving the building experience for our clients,” Dan says.

While he’s been building a diverse range of home styles and sizes, Dan’s found most Sunshine Coast residents are buying homes averaging around 240m2 – usually 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, low-set designs (See Sunshine Coast House & Land Packages for an idea of what’s currently available).

“I think the Sunshine Coast has been lucky to mostly avoid the very narrow blocks and close proximity living… which has allowed the Sunshine Coast to have a slightly larger average home size than other more densely populated areas.”

This luck may be running out though and Dan feels now is the time to get into the housing market.

“I think this trend will start to rapidly change as developers force block sizes smaller and smaller, while rural blocks will become a premium.”Handover

“This industry is extremely dynamic and you always have to be on your toes, thinking fast to make sure you don’t miss anything.”

But Dan has an advantage over other builders when it comes to dealing with these changes in the building industry.

“One of my biggest strengths is because I’m younger than the average builder I’m a quick learner and much more open to changes in the industry – this enables me to deliver a much more cutting edge product to my clients.”

This delivery is paying off, with Sunshine Coast customers very happy with their new homes and the service they’ve received along the way.

“The most common recurring feedback we’re receiving is compliments on our level of consistency – what we promised we’d deliver at the start is what our clients received at the end.”

The Sunshine Coast team spend a lot of time making sure they have the best people working on the construction of every home, and as a result they’re never short of compliments on their trades people.

“The compliments we’re most proud of though are when our clients leave raving reviews on our Facebook page. This means a lot to us as we know the client has been so impressed they want to tell others.”

Stroud-Homes-Sunshine-coast-officeIf you’re looking to build on the Sunshine Coast why not come and see what everyone is raving about when it comes to Stroud Homes?

You can either contact the team to make an appointment, or the Sunshine Coast Display Centre is now open seven days a week so you can drop in at a time that best suits you.