Handy tips to help the move into your new house run smoothly!

Handy tips to help the move into your new house run smoothly!

Get into your new home faster!

If you have built a house or in the process of building your new home, then moving in will be on the cards for the not too distant future.

Here are a few tips on making moving easy and some easily forgotten tasks to get you into your new home faster.


Bins – First, moving into a brand-new home is a bit different to moving into an already built home. Make sure you have ordered your general waste and recycle bins from your local council, you will have a lot of rubbish from moving day and won’t want to do a dump run yet.

Gas – Another order to place will be for your gas bottles so you can enjoy a hot shower after the big move.

Electricity – We have already had the power connected for you however as we have been paying for the power we used during construction you simply have to contact your chosen electricity provider and have the service transferred into your name.

Internet – if you are moving into a new estate where the NBN is now connected you might want to do some research around the area to find out from your new neighbours who is the best provider in the area and get this connected so your internet is up and running by the time you move in.

Insurance – Home and contents insurance will also need to be transferred from your old home to the new one as soon as possible.


Make a trip to the shops for supplies and you will need Boxes… lots of Boxes – if you buy these from a moving company you can always return the unused boxes for a refund.

You will also need strong packing tape, newspaper or packing paper sometimes even bubble wrap for those extra special items and don’t forget markers. Make sure you have plenty of everything, so you don’t run out at a crucial time.


Before you start packing all your things from your old house, create a simple record keeping system. Place a number on every box and write on a list what the contents of each box is.

Placing a colour coordinated theme for each room helps anyone helping you on the day know what room to place each box in. Even attach a note to the wall in each room to show where you want the boxes stacked on the day, so nothing gets in the way of where you want the furniture to go.

Keep a few boxes empty for any last-minute items on moving day and let each family member have a personal box to fill with items they will need straight away such as sheets or a towel.

Any valuable possessions you should keep with you and check your insurance to see how you are covered during the move.

Don’t forget to leave the box of cleaning supplies at the old house if you must clean it yourself. Remember, this will all be over soon, and you can sit back, relax and enjoy your brand-new home!

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