Have your Site Evaluated for FREE with Stroud Homes

Have your Site Evaluated for FREE with Stroud Homes


Why do you need a site evaluation?

When in the process of purchasing a new home, a site evaluation gives you the key information on which to compare one block against another and can save you thousands on site costs.

Having your land evaluated will also assist you in visualising potential house locations and give you an idea of what your future home can look like, and how much it will cost.

A site evaluation done by professionals, like Stroud Homes Gold Coast North, will also tell you how much soil will have to be moved, the amount of slope of the block and if retaining will be required.

You will also learn what is achievable in terms of house design and adding other dwellings such as granny flats and garages & sheds.

And the best thing is, with Stroud Homes Gold Coast North, you get your site evaluated free of charge, no strings attached!

Stroud Homes offer FREE site evaluations

Get to know your land

The site evaluation takes place first thing, so that Stroud Homes can give you the best information on that block of land before you purchase or settle on it and give you a ‘ballpark’ quote .

By having a site evaluation done by Stroud Homes, the experienced site supervisor will be able to provide you with information about:

  • contours
  • cut and fill requirements
  • spoil removal
  • possible bushfire risks
  • possibility of rock
  • noise issues
  • probable soil type
  • house orientation

  • tree removal
  • recommended construction slab, split level etc.
  • service set backs
  • sewerage requirements
  • water supply
  • irrigation requirements

This service is just one of the many extras included when building with Stroud Homes Gold Coast North.

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Stroud Homes build homes anywhere in the Gold Coast City Council region. If you have purchased a block of land we can help you choose the perfect design to suit.

Simply contact our salesperson and the team will come out and meet you on site to conduct the evaluation:

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