Heading West & Building Up

Heading West & Building Up

Benefits of living in West Melbourne

Steve Costa from Stroud Homes Melbourne West has spent most of his life living in the area and he’s thrilled others are catching onto the beauty of living out west.

“For a longtime the West was perceived as a bit of a poorer cousin to the East but thanks to the added growth of the past few years, the local councils have really stepped up their game.” Steve Costa

With big projects in the works like increasing access to public transport and improving roads, the council are also updating parks and gardens.

Steve believes that once people got out west, they found that it was a truly great place to live. “We’re only stone throw away from some fantastic wineries and boutique breweries and we have great access to the Wombat State Forest if motorbike riding or camping is more your thing.”

There’s also a number of new restaurants and cafes popping up in the area, catering to the growing population.

Our customers and our designs

When asked who Stroud Homes Melbourne West is building for, Steve answered, “We have a really great mix of customers from first home buyers to retirees and everything in between.”

Steve believes that the Aston range of home designs is great for his young families and first home buyers.

Aston 224 Mountain Façade:
Aston 224 Mountain Facade Home Design

However, for his clients looking to live on larger blocks and acreage, “Everybody seems pretty hard pressed to go past the Kentucky range,” says Steve.

Kentucky 348 Classic Façade:
Kentucky 348 Home Design with Classic Facade

Steve’s stand out is the Bellmere 268 which has something for everybody so it suits his diverse clientele. There’s a gourmet kitchen, butler’s pantry, media room and child’s retreat which is ideal for big and small children.

The Bellmere 268 comes with a large open plan living area that opens onto a spacious alfresco area. A large outdoor area is essential says Steve, “There’s nothing better than sitting outside on a lovely sunny day with family and friends for a BBQ and a couple of drinks.”

Bellmere 268 Classic Façade:
Bellmere 268 Design Classic Facade

Regardless of why people are choosing to build in Melbourne West, Steve believes that his customers all have one thing in common, “They are looking for a quality builder to build a bit of a partnership with.” And that’s what they’ll find when they choose to build with team at Stroud Homes Melbourne West.

For more information on building in the area and what Stroud Homes Melbourne West can do for you and your family, give Steve a call on 0448 170 890 or drop him an email on [email protected].