Hitting The Ground Running in Wollongong

Hitting The Ground Running in Wollongong

Stroud Homes Wollongong openingStroud Homes Wollongong has been up and running since July this year, so we thought we’d catch up with local builder, Travis Butler, to see how things have been going.

While there have been plenty of people talking to Travis about building their dream home, he’s noticed a few trends.

“My main customers would be young families, not necessarily first home buyers but second home buyers with young families. People relocating from Sydney has been quite common as well; they’re generally after flatter, more affordable land first and foremost, with single story, four bedroom houses,” he says.

This trend of relocating for suitable land lots is something he’s noticed over the years building in the area.

Travis Butler“Over last 10 years in the Illawarra/southern Highlands/South Coast area we’ve seen masses of growth, with areas booming in all aspects… styles and products are constantly evolving and housing sizes have generally been getting bigger. But in general, the biggest trend would just be the population growth across the whole region, and the availability of land to purchase.”

With this population growth, Travis feels you can’t really go wrong with where you build, especially with our available house and land packages, so long as you get into the market sooner rather than later.

“If you can find the land to build on, this area still has huge growth potential with huge growth currently happening. I think for lifestyle, and financially, anywhere around here is a good option to build. Either relocating or investing in the Illawarra/southern highlands/South Coast region, I think will provide generous returns for years to come.”

So why not jump in and start building?

Aston 224 Mountain Façade

“Don’t over extend yourself, but don’t be scared because I believe house prices will be going up around here for a long time. Join forces with a friend/partner or parents if required, take advantage of the government grants on offer – making a start is the most important thing.”

If you’re looking to break into the housing market, or upsize your home, drop into the display centre and have a chat with Travis today. Stroud Homes has a huge range of home designs to choose from, as well as high quality standard inclusions and a long list of build guarantees.

“Build a good quality home and you’ll get a good quality return.”