3 Bed
2 Bath
2 Car
* Total per dwelling

Jindalee 323 Duplex

The Jindalee 323 not only has a superb frontage and feeling of grandeur but has a really handy layout for the young busy couple.

A suitably sized master bedroom with ensuite, spare bedroom for guests plus another room to act as a study, 2nd bathroom and dedicated laundry.

Open plan living with patio for entertaining. This has great investment potential with a double L/U garage.

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Floor Plan



Width 22.20m
Depth 17.20m

Unit 1

Living 106.51m2
Alfresco 14.96m2
Porch 3.08m2
Garage 37.85m2
Total 162.40m2
Square 17.48sq

Unit 2

Living 106.40m2
Alfresco 14.96m2
Porch 1.42m2
Garage 37.96m2
Total 160.74m2
Square 17.30sq

Grand Totals

Total 323.14m2
Square 34.78sq
Click to enlarge floorplan Jindalee 323 Floor Plan State and Local Government regulations differ so plans may vary slightly to suit local requirements.

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