Home Designs For Toowoomba

Home Designs For Toowoomba

Although Stroud Homes has a fantastic variety of home designs, with something to suit everyone, naturally some designs are going to be more popular for specific areas.

Megan from Stroud Homes Toowoomba talks about floorplans that stand out up on the mountain, and how recent land releases have affected these trends.

“There’s definitely a lot more acreage stock in Toowoomba than other areas like Brisbane and Brisbane west,” Megan says.

“Our smaller acreage designs are more popular at the moment, so that would be your Kentucky series sitting around that 260m2 mark.”

The Kentucky range starts at 260m2 with four bedrooms, large alfresco area, media room, open plan living area and several façade options.

Growing on from that you have the 260 with granny flat, the Kentucky 304 and massive 348 acreage home.

A larger home is certainly appealing, but Megan says it’s often the alfresco area that nails down a home design for large blocks of land.

“When you’re looking at acreage designs, they always tend to have quite a large alfresco area and I think people want that acreage style home because they don’t have neighbours, per se.

“They really enjoy having that larger alfresco area where they can entertain their friends and not have neighbours right next to them.”

Another design the Toowoomba home builders often work with is the Savannah 262, which is also their display home design.

“I think sometimes people who haven’t built before, really have trouble visualising floor plans and they much prefer something they can easily see.”

It helps that the Savannah is still a fabulous home with four large bedrooms, a walk in pantry and wardrobe, media room and a huge living area that opens up to the patio as though it was one big entertaining area.

If you’d like to talk about home designs to suit your family, drop in to the display home, the display centre, or call 07 4615 4925 to arrange an appointment.