Homes To Suit Every Requirement

Homes To Suit Every Requirement

While the home designs on offer at Stroud Homes have many wonderful features, and have won awards for these inclusions, Aletha has found many of her customers have been opting for added extras and customisations to their designs.

This is because many of their clientele are second or third home buyers, or even retirees ready for the home they’ve always dreamed of, and the Stroud Homes Wide Bay team are more than up to the task.

“They usually want something a little bit more high spec.” Aletha says.

“For a lot of these people it’s the home they’ve always wanted, so premium upgrades are a common thing with them.

“One of these homes has in excess of 60-70 thousand dollars’ worth of premium upgrades; free standing bars, louvres, solar, air conditioning, 2.7m ceiling heights, all that sort of stuff.”

There are plenty of house and land packages in the area that are affordable for first home buyers, but they’ve just become known for doing great customisations.

It’s not just stylish additions and raised ceiling heights either – Aletha and Slade Walters have years of experience with medical customisations.

“So we’re doing some modified homes at the moment where they had special medical requirements we had to meet.

“It’s pretty easy if you understand what the codes and regulations are, especially for people, and we’ve done it a fair bit before; a few medical centres, veterinary surgeries and places like that.

“The big thing with these homes is the ramps and things, you’ve also got doorway accesses, wet area rooms and things like that, but we just know those little tricks so it’s usually pretty straight forward for us.”

As well as adding in ramps and specialised bathrooms, another consideration is having two master bedrooms in the house, accommodating for a live-in carer.

That being said, they are still building luxurious acreage homes to the plan.

“We like doing the acreage homes, and we have sold quite a few Montegos.”

Montego 287 Skillion Façade

Whether you’re looking for an affordable home for in town, a large acreage home, or something that needs a few specifications, talk to the team at Stroud Homes Wide Bay.

You can catch them in the display centre in Bundaberg, their display home in Eli Waters, or call on 07 4152 6969.