House & Land Packages in Brisbane South

House & Land Packages in Brisbane South

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When buying a House & Land package with Stroud Homes Brisbane South, all the research of the block and estate has already been done for you, and a package price is the most accurate you will see until you get to contract.

“If we have allowed for things that are not required, then that’s even better and the price gets cheaper,” says Brisbane South home builder Thomas Eldridge.

We find out more about buying House & Land packages with Stroud Homes Brisbane South.

Can you tell me how house and land packages work with Stroud Homes?

We choose a vacant block in an approved estate, where the land agents are happy for us to promote their land. We work with the agents to find out any extra items that are a must-have for the specific estate.

After finding a design to fit the chosen block, we put a formal quote together including the estate-specific additions, giving the client the most accurate package price without having any tests or surveys commenced.

Is there anything not included in your house and land packages?

We can only put together packages based on previous builds and what the developers tell us. We include the home, land, either Essential or Fully Loaded inclusions, and specific upgrades required by council or in the covenant.

As we do a lot more acreage homes and the size of the land varies we don’t include fencing or landscaping in the initial package price, but will happily add it in if the clients wants us to.

Montego 287 Skillion Façade

Montego 287 Skillion Façade – House & Land Package at Munroe Drive, ‘Mahoneys Pocket’ Woodhill

If you find a block you love but don’t like the house, can you choose another design that will work for you?

Yes, our packages are completely flexible.

The main reason we advertise packages is so you can see a total price rather than having everything separate for you to work out on your own such as price for the home, inclusions, and the land. Instead, we do the hard work for you and hope to take the guess work out of building.

The friendly Brisbane South team can help with a house & land package that best suits you!

When building in an estate, how will a Stroud Homes house stand out from others?

To start with, we always have signage as we love to show off our work! Our supervisors take pride in their workspace and have scheduled site cleans throughout the build time to guarantee a clean site throughout.

Most of our façade options are quite unique and our homes are always orientated specifically for each block to make the most out of the sun and views.

What are some popular House & Land packages in your area?

The Lanes Estate in New Beith is a very popular ½ acre block estate and Mahoney’s Pocket in Wood Hill is one of the most popular 1 to 2-acre block estates.

However, as larger blocks are becoming harder and harder to find, you will be sure to find something you love in every one of the Acreage Estates in and around Logan and The Scenic Rim.

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