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House & Land Packages in Northern Rivers

While some busy suburban areas of Australia are experiencing explosions of new estates going up here, there and everywhere, the Northern Rivers region is a little quieter in that regard.

The beauty of this is that the house and land packages available at Stroud Homes Northern Rivers are often in beautiful existing suburbs.

“A lot of our packages are stand-alone property lots,” Nicky Lowson says.

“We’re getting the odd stage of a couple of the estates around Ballina, but some of the other areas there will just be one or two blocks, not these huge hundreds and hundreds of blocks available.

“We’re constantly on the lookout for vacant land we can package up.”

It’s important to remember the house and land packages on the website haven’t been built yet, and are interchangeable with other home designs.

“People often see the pictures and assume the house is built and ready to move in, they soon realise they’ve got the option of not just having that one, but they can pick anything they like essentially that fits.”

Stroud Homes has a huge collection of home designs to choose from, ranging from small town houses, through to duplexes and even large, luxury acreages.

“We use the house and land listings as a tool to show what’s possible and give people a ball park figure when they’re looking at the land, what sort of house they can get, and what it’s going to cost at the end of the day as a total, so they can work on a budget.

“They have the ability to change that and get to do the whole thing; the colour selection, make it exactly what they want.”

So if you’re looking to build in Northern NSW, drop in to the display home in Ballina, our display centre in Tweed Heads, or simply give us a call on 1300 699 392 to talk about your dream home today.

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