Housing our Older Generations

Housing our Older Generations

Stroud-Homes-older-home-ownersWe’ve noticed a recent spike in those people classified as Grey Nomads or baby boomer down sizers coming to us wanting a new home. Now to be brutally honest I’m a bit of sceptic. Why would they want to build at their age!

Questions from a sceptic

  • Do they have the energy? (Tongue in cheek)
  • Are they fully informed and know what’s involved?
  • What are their specific needs moving into their retirement years in design and specification of construction?
  • Why not an over 50’s village ?

Why not build a New Home?

Well I’m a sceptic no longer! I’ve been thinking about this from their point of view and I suppose how I would be at their stand point in life.

Why not build a new home? By then your tastes are exact, you know exactly what you want and more importantly a property with no maintenance or chance of someone else’s problems. Designed just the way you want to live. Very Savvy….

Jump in the caravan and tour the country and come back in three months and simply park the van and turn the key on your brand new home. Now that is smart. Can’t think of a better way to save time and money whilst enjoying the fruits of leaving the 9 to 5 behind you.

Perhaps, I’m also a stubborn bugger. Love my space, my privacy and just generally stretching out a bit. Communal living may have some perks, but like the old adage “fish and friends start to smell after three days”.

Could this craze of village residing be just exactly that, a trend. Don’t know about you, but I’d love living on a street with an eclectic range of age groups. Chewing the fat with the young couple next door bug eyed from being up all night with the new Bub. To watching the teens pushing mum and dad to breaking point!

This is a really great community feel! The rewards of interacting with differing ages, generational viewpoints.

It’s clearly different strokes for different folks, I’m a big believer you’ve worked hard all your life and still deserve the lifestyle and independence that a detached dwelling lifestyle affords. Have the family around, the grandkids can run around in an old fashioned Australian street with lots of space and freedom.

Limited mobility and disability sensitive housing

Now, in recent times architects and designers have placed much thought and credence into limited mobility and disability sensitive housing. Big props to them and the intention. It’s an ageing population, we’re living longer and our current birth rates aren’t keeping up. According to census figures in 2011 a very large number of suburbs in Australian cities house a much greater older demographic compared to 2006 (ABS Census 2011) No doubt the 2016 Census will track a very similar precedence.

Which means, we really need to address this at multiple levels but especially where housing is concerned. Intelligent housing in design, technology and innovation whilst at the same time not alienating people just because they’re older is imperative to closing the gap between generations.

Granny flats and attached accommodation

Granny flats and attached accommodation is a good step towards but thoughtful planning in housing design to accommodate those a “bit older” is really where the inroads will take full effect and with a fairness and equity in mind.

Now 60 is the new 40 so I’m treading very carefully here but maybe a more prudent, humbling and forward thinking plan is the order of the day here. I’ll go out on a limb and suggest basic standard sizing and common industry practices will gradually be changed or substituted to suit the growing numbers of an ageing population. Also very wise to suggest that our parents or grandparents could be living with us someday!

Organisations like Livable Housing Australia are at the forefront of addressing this complex issue. Their leadership, education and advocacy responsibility to this not too distant important driver of demand is very commendable.

Practical and sustainable design with the buyer in mind

Here at Stroud Homes, more specifically we have quite a young team but really appreciate and value all of our clients. Whether 25 or 75, we are sensitive to the wants and of course the needs of such a buyer. Practical and sustainable design with the buyer in mind is our focus and we can certainly accommodate those with the strictest of protocols. Whatever the age group, at Stroud Homes Gold Coast we listen, we put you first.

nathan-dunn-stroud-homes-Gold-CoastYours in building,

Nathan Dunn