How do Dual Occupancy, Duplexes & Granny Flats Differ?

How do Dual Occupancy, Duplexes & Granny Flats Differ?

Dual Occupancy

Chez Ami 245 Skillion FaçadeChez Ami 245 Dual Occupancy Design

Also known as shared living, these designs are two separate dual living homes. The land, unlike duplex dwellings, is not able to be sub-divided and can therefore have less building and council costs compared to a duplex.

Although under one Building title you can have separate utilities and an option to convert the dwelling back to one big home if desired down the track.

It appeals to investors as a great value investment to live in one rent the other, rent both or sell to receive a great return. See our dual occupancy designs available here

Granny Flats

Wildflower 256 & Granny Flat Floor Plan
Wildflower 256 plus Granny Flat Design

Granny flats are a self-contained dwelling established in conjunction with a principal dwelling. Located on the same allotment under one title they may be attached or detached from the main dwelling.

Several conditions apply to Granny Flats (depending on zoning, council and covenants within certain areas) such as land size and 60m2 maximum for living area of this separate dwelling.

It is often more cost effective to build a New Dwelling with the Granny Flat within the design, building just a Granny Flat separately will generally incur higher building costs and essentially extra fees. See our granny flat designs available here 


Roma 426 Duplex Design

These are two separate dwellings with separate titles, joined by a common ‘party wall’. The land again must be zoned for this type of Building Development and comply with any local council requirements (e.g. boundaries and driveway designs).

As with Granny Flat & Dual Occupancy design options these developments allow potential income without body corporate issues as with units. See our duplex designs available here

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