How To Choose Your Floor Plan

How To Choose Your Floor Plan

Choosing a floor plan

There’s no science to picking the perfect floor plan for your new home, Stroud Homes Brisbane East builder believes it comes down to feeling. David Adams says, “My gut instinct is always to choose something that feels right and that usually ticks all the boxes.”

David believes that there are three factors you should always consider when choosing a floor plan for your new house and they are:

  1. Budget
  2. Living situation
  3. Lifestyle


Lifestyle is extremely important to those wanting to build in Brisbane East with many people wanting to maximise on views and all of the great weather we enjoy in this part of Queensland. The most popular design for the Stroud Homes Brisbane East team at the moment is the Ancora which is a two storey, 280mhome.

Ancora 280 Urban Façade

This four bedroom house sits on a 12.5 metre block and is very popular with families. David says, “It’s definitely a family orientated home. The media room is great so that the children have their own area and the parents can enjoy time to themselves as well.” There’s also an external balcony so you can enjoy views out to the bay.

Alterations to floor plans

Another way to help create that perfect ‘homey’ feeling is to make a few alterations to the floor plans. David and the team at Brisbane East understand that not every design will suit everybody and that each block is unique. “We’re more than happy to help make those little changes to get the exact desired outcome,” David says.

Stroud Homes Ancora 280 Urban Double Storey Floor Plan 20-10-16

Sometimes these alterations come from customers wanting to take Feng Shui into consideration. David has two Ancora’s currently under construction which have been modified to help create a harmonised environment. Like David said, it all comes back to choosing a floor plan that feels right.

If you’d like to talk to the team at Stroud Homes Brisbane East about building a home in the region, please drop them a line on 07 3416 4839.