How to get a 100% Real Price

How to build the home of your dreams on time and on budget

How to get a 100% Real Price

7 Steps to making sure you get a 100% real price

A 4 bedroom home from $199,000? How to build the home of your dreams on time and on budget.

Step 1 – Get a turnkey all-inclusive fixed price

Don’t sign anything or pay a deposit until you get a turnkey all-inclusive fixed price. The only thing that can potentially vary the price going forward are the results of soil tests (see step 5 and 6).

Step 2 – Work with your builder to select a design

Your builder can help you select a new home design that fits your family, your budget and your block. Tell your builder everything you’ve dreamt of having in your new home. Be clear about your budget and make sure your builder works within this.

Ask your builder if you can make changes to their plans before you sign a contract and if you can make changes after you have signed a contract.

Step 3 – Get your turnkey all-inclusive fixed price

Ask for a turnkey all-inclusive fixed price (also known as a move in price).  This is the price you will pay for your home dependent on soil test results (see steps 5 and 6).

Step 4 – Check the quote in detail

You need to make sure they have included everything.

  • Is the site cost included?
  • Is the slab included?
  • Are all light fittings included or are they simply battens
  • Are you sure there are tiles in all wet areas?
  • Is carpet included?
  • Are driveways included?
  • Is 6 star energy included?
  • Are council fees included?
  • Is air conditioning/heating included
  • Are there enough power points?
  • Is the letterbox included?
  • Is the clothesline included?
  • How long after you sign the contract do they guarantee to start?
  • How long do they guarantee to take to build your new home?

Step 5 – Get a soil test

Once you are happy that everything is to your satisfaction get a soil test of your land. A soil test is the only way of knowing if you need to spend more money to modify your foundations. The soil test is usually done immediately by an independent specialist.

A good builder will ask for a small amount to pay for site cost and initial plan drawings.

Step 6 – Discuss the soil test results with your builder

Meet with your builder to discuss the soil test and if any modifications need to be made. This is the only additional cost

Step 7 – Sign a contract

Once you are happy with everything and the final price is determined, you can sign your contract and agree on an on-site date, completion date and date for the next stage payment.


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