How to get a smart Stroud Home

How to get a smart Stroud Home


Smart home technology

From voice assistants to remote controlled thermostats and doorbells, nowadays you’re able to raise the IQ of your home in many ways.

In Ipswich, people are able to up-smart their home with Stroud Homes’ use of cutting-edge technology and clever designs.

“We already have plenty of requests for upgrades to smart light and air conditioning from our clients,” says Stroud Homes Ipswich Salesperson Peter Woolgar.  “So, you are able to control them from your smart phone, even if you aren’t home.”

“We are also seeing some people opt for a digital lock on the front door, with a camera so they are able to see who is at the front door even if they aren’t home.”

If you’re planning on creating a more intelligent home environment, read on…

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What does Stroud Homes offer in terms of smart home technology/systems? Or what will be offered in the future?

We are happy to help our clients out with anything smart home related, if there is something you are looking to do, we are keen to look into it even if it is something we haven’t done yet.

Part of the excitement of smart homes is that the technology is cutting edge and brand new!

Why do you think these technologies are so appealing to your customers in Ipswich?

Because it’s there to help with the little things. You don’t need to stress all day about whether you left the air conditioning on at home, or if you locked the front door.

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Do you think the inclusion of these technologies has an impact on resale?

Absolutely, in another 10 years or so a lot of these items will become the new standard.

If you start adding these features now then your home will be future proof when you are looking to on sell your home to someone else.

Much of the smart home technology, like sensor lighting and remote access air-conditioners/heating help owners to be ‘greener’, do you think that’s a consideration for your clients?

Absolutely! The ability to oversee and manage what all your electrical devices are doing each day will certainly help.

It’s so easy to forget to turn off a light or leave a fan going as you run out the door, with this new technology though you can turn it off even if you do forget.

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What smart home technology would you personally like in your home now?

I would love to have a Virtual Reality set up in my home.

I believe that a lot of homes in the coming years will start to incorporate an empty 3×3 metre room that will only be for virtual reality, like a media room of the future.

And, what would you like to see in the future in terms of smart technology?

I hope we get to the point of complete home automation.

We are getting closer with the home assistants and things like the Roomba, but I hope one day I will be able to talk to my house and ask it to do things for me; everything from doing the washing to cooking dinner!

A robot butler would be a dream come true!

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