How to incorporate child-friendliness in your home design

How to incorporate child-friendliness in your home design

3 million children get hurt while at home annually according to Safe Kids Worldwide. This is due to the fact they spend 90 percent of their time indoors. It, therefore, becomes important to factor in child-friendliness aspects when selecting a house design.

The nature of most house design schemes is that only the children’s rooms are designed to be child friendly with all the other rooms tailor-made to suit adults. The restless nature of children, however, means they will be in and out of practically all rooms and so will their toys, rendering such home designs a bit risky. For the safety of the children and the parent’s convenience, it is important to make a home child-friendly using a few tips and tricks. We look at a few.

Simple health and safety fixtures

In addition to having a pathogen-free kitchen and bathrooms, additional safety and health precautions are needed in a house to make it child-friendly. With children learning the art of balancing and walking, unintentional injuries occur either by falling off stairs or furniture. Baby gates can be mounted on the top and bottom of the stairs preventing access to the babies. Another aspect of safety is child proofing the house windows which is usually done by installing window guards or window stops. With over 4,000 reported cases of babies falling from windows annually, it is important to have reinforcements on windows that can easily be removed by adults in case of emergency to reduce tumbles. Children are always in the habit of reaching out for something, which is why bookshelves and other delicate furniture should hence be secured firmly and high on the wall to avoid accidents.

Install child-friendly furniture

Furniture and appliances are what give a home its appealing look. Most furniture, however, is usually made for the comfort of adults without considering the needs of children. To make a house child-friendly, invest in multifunctional furniture. Toys, Legos, all come with the parenting territory. If left scattered on the floor, children can easily trip on them and fall leading to injury. Furniture that can hide the clutter helps make the house organised and safe. These include tables with drawers, coffee tables with shelves and dressers that can serve as changing tables.

Fixed cushion couches and rounded couches are other aspects of promoting child-friendliness. Fixed cushions help prevent children from falling off couches and makes the house look orderly with no scattered cushions all over the living room. Rounded furniture reduces injuries to a child’s head and legs from tumbling or hitting sharp-cornered furniture.

Installing child counters is another brilliant way of defining children’s spaces. They should be fitted close to the parent’s counters since children love being close to where the parents are. The work and play counters help boost their creativity through painting as well as creating safe play spaces.

Right fabric and rug choices

Children are messy and curious by nature. They are bound to rub their paint-stained fingers on your highly valued couches, rugs and curtains. Because of this, child-friendly couch fabrics are an invaluable addition to your home. Linen and leather fabrics can repel stain in addition to being easy to clean. Easy to clean rugs that include natural fibre rugs and Persian rugs give a child the freedom to play while reducing parents worries about stained floors.

Area rugs also come in handy as replacements for carpets. They provide soft areas for children to play and sit on. Their small sizes make them easy to remove and clean compared to carpets – not to mention their bright colours and eclectic styles help improve a home’s appeal.

With children living at home regardless of age, having an organised home can seem impossible. Creating a safe space where they can play and be themselves is even more challenging. However, additional storage, having child customised furniture, involving children in your house design and most importantly encouraging outdoor games, are ways one can maintain desired house standards while ensuring their safety.

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