Including A Friendly Touch

Including A Friendly Touch

Acreage Home Design HudsonWhen looking for a builder for your new home, one of the things you need to pay particular attention to is the quality of the standard inclusions, and what you may end up paying to get better quality appliances.

One thing we’re proud of at Stroud Homes Wagga Wagga is the high quality of our standard inclusions. There’s a long list of quality appliances, including dishwashers, freestanding cookers and more, all with included warrantees.

“While you don’t buy a house based around an oven, it’s still $1200 down the drain when it goes and you have to buy a new oven,” Toby points out.

Another thing that’s included when you build with Stroud Homes Wagga Wagga… is the Stroud team.

Building a family home is a major part of your life, so it makes a huge difference when you can do that with a friendly team who understands you.

“We’re building houses for people like us, really genuine people, friendly and outgoing – we know their names, we know their kid’s names, we know what they did on holiday last year.”

“We often find that we’re friends with these guys for a long time afterwards.”

Establishing that relationship with our clients means we know what they’re after and can find the right home design, with and necessary changes, to build the perfect family home for them.

And it’s great to see them walk through the door when the project is complete.

“Excitement is throughout the whole build process, but that moment when you hand over the keys to the finished house, it’s like a kid opening presents on Christmas Day.”

Because we know the quality of the homes we build, we often hear back from our clients about how happy they are once they’ve settled in.

“Being a small town, we’re often seeing these people downtown and that’s another reason why we got into this business, we want to build good quality houses so we could walk down the street, see these people we’ve built houses for, and not have to run and hide.”

“We can be proud of our work and they can be proud of their homes.”

If you’re looking to build a new family home, drop in to the Wagga Wagga display home and chat with the friendly team today.