Including Good Relationships

Including Good Relationships

At Stroud Homes, we’re known for our black and white quotes and the long list of quality inclusions that come with our home designs.

Talking with Jasmine from Stroud Homes Brisbane North, she believes it’s the quality of those inclusions that win out every time.

“People go to other builders and will say ‘we know some of these suppliers’, but I think where it comes down to the quality vs the quantity – we do have a massive range of standard inclusions, but we also use quality brands, so I think that’s what makes us stand out”, Jasmine says

While the relationships we build with our customers is incredibly important, it’s also the relationships we’ve forged with our suppliers that make a difference.

“What we do a little bit differently is that we get in touch and have a better relationship with our suppliers.

“For instance, with Ceasarstone, we’re in really good talks with them – they help us and we help them – they’re always thinking of better ways to market to our people, and their people, and we just bounce off ideas to each other.

“We build a good relationship with our suppliers and we know the quality we put in our homes, that’s why we’re so confident.”

By developing these relationships with the suppliers, it allows our builders to foster a better relationship with you.

“We’re able to tell our customers what’s going on – we can show them that the Ceasarstone rep came through, ‘they showed us this and he reckons this and that etc.’ rather than just handing a brochure and saying ‘read this when you get home’.

“We have a lot more product knowledge than I think most builders would.”

When you’re building something as important as a new home, especially your first home, it’s important to have a relationship with your builders so you have the peace of mind that you’re in good hands.

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