Insider Tips for Selecting Your Builder

Insider Tips for Selecting Your Builder

If you’re thinking about building on the Sunshine Coast then you are lucky enough to have the best builders in Australia to choose from. Picking the team to build your most precious asset is not something that should be taken lightly and needs to be given the respect and time that it deserves.

These insider tips have been created not just by people in the building industry but by families who have grown up and live on the Sunshine Coast, by people currently building their first or second family home and have experienced both the good and bad that the building industry has to offer and even the families of the tradies who are building the homes.

1. Check the builders licence

This is done by obtaining the QBCC number associated with the builder and then typing this number into the QBCC website. When you are reviewing the details found on the website make sure you look for how many builds are being completed by the company each year and if there have been any Directions to Rectify given by the QBCC.


The first question you should be asking any sales person at any display home or the first person you come into contact with from the building company is, ‘Can you please provide me with the company’s builders licence number’? If there is any hesitation to provide this to you or any delay, then this is your first massive red light.

Things to look out for: Some builders have set up dummy companies with similar names to hide how many Directions to Rectify they have been given by the QBCC. If you do come across a builder whose licence search shows up with no directions to rectify from the QBCC then call the QBCC and make sure that there are not multiple companies associated with the builder or builders.

2. Is the builder proud of what they are doing?

Once you have received a quote from a builder or maybe a couple of quotes for purposes of comparison and are just about to commit to one builder make sure you ask to meet the director first. This meeting only needs to be a quick hand shake and hello however you should ask them if they have company stickers on their car or their spouse’s car.

Why, you ask? The answer is simple, building someone’s home can and will have a massive effect on their lives. Every builder should be proud of what they are doing for the Sunshine Coast. Builders should want everybody to know that they are responsible for a huge amount of good being undertaken on the Sunshine Coast.


3. Speak to the trades and suppliers of the building company

stroud-subbie-of-the-month-tomThis is going to achieve two things:

First you need to ask the trades and suppliers if the building company has been paying their bills on time and if the building company does pay their bills on time then you can rest easy knowing that the building company is managed well and is not at risk of going broke during the construction of your home.

Secondly, ask the trades if they like doing work for the building company. The happier the tradies building your home are, the better quality your home is going to be.

Take the time to thoroughly complete each of these three steps as their roots run deep into every aspect of the building industry and will ensure that you have a stress free and happy build with your next home.

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