Inspecting Your Building Options

Inspecting Your Building Options

Having your home built for you provides a lot of options, but many first time builders are unaware of some of the services available during this process.

Services such as the free site inspections Stroud Homes Northern Rivers offer customers.

“Not many people take the time to do that with customers, so I think it’s a really good tool and we do that off our own back,” Nicky Lowson says.

Having your builder come out and look at your prospective land purchase is a great way to investigate potential building cost blowouts.

“We can discuss potential scenarios, especially if it’s a steep block where you’re more likely to hit rock, which will cost more for construction.

“A slab might not be possible, you might not know if it’s in a flood or fire zone, we can often find that out before you have to pay money.”

“I think we can give a bit more thorough advice on your land than what you’re going to get from people trying to sell it.”

This can even extend to the state of a home in potential knock down/rebuilds, which there are plenty of in Northern Rivers.

“Especially along the coastal strip, there are the little, old beach shacks that are full of asbestos.

“People know that renovations are an unknown cost, it can just keep escalating, going up and down and they have no idea how much it’s going to cost.”

That’s where Nicky and the team can help with quotes that include demolition costs.

“We get the demolition people in and quote the demolition, then we just quote the house and land.

“Most of the demolition people we work with have the licence to deal with, remove and dispose of asbestos – you don’t want anyone dodgy dealing with that sort of work.”

If you’re still in the planning process of building a new home, talk to the team at Stroud Homes Northern Rivers to see where they can help you, whether you’re considering a block of land, looking at a home to knock down, or just want to know more about the building process.

Drop in to the display home in Ballina, visit the display centre in Tweed Heads, or call the team on 1300 699 392.