Internal Sliding Door Inspiration

Internal Sliding Door Inspiration

Sliding Door Options

When you think of doors I am sure you usually think of hinged or bi-fold doors, like me! If you are wanting to create usable space or features with doors that won’t impede into living areas maybe you should have a look at cavity sliding and barn doors.

Cavity Door Frames

Cavity door solutions comprise of three components, the cavity frame, the door and the track upon which the doors retract into the cavity, disappearing from view.

Cavity sliding doors are suitable for any room of the house to separate living areas, block of rooms for privacy and even hide your pantry contents.

Internal doors are often over looked as a design feature, but they can be both functional and add unique style to the home.

Barn Doors

The next best inspirational door would be a barn door, these doors scream for attention usually bringing together the complete theme of your room or home.

If you’re looking for the wow factor or stand out piece to complete your new home, you can’t go past a unique barn style sliding door.

With the door itself being frameless and the tracks running alongside the wall you can have the best of both worlds. Have the statement barn door piece and keep the extra room you get for not having a traditional swing door.

Image credit: our supplier Rustica Hardware

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