Interview – Stroud Homes now building in Bundamba

Interview – Stroud Homes now building in Bundamba

Stroud Homes now building in Bundamba. In this interview Bryan Canavan from Stroud Homes chats with Luke Buckle from Ray White Bundamaba.

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About Bundamba (from Wikipedia)

Bundamba is a large suburb of Ipswich, Queensland, Australia.

Bundamba stretches from the Bremer River to the north, across Brisbane Rd, the main arterial link to the Ipswich Motorway, to the Cunningham Highway in the south. The suburb consists of residential and industrial areas, with a variety of shops lining Brisbane Rd.

The origin of the suburb name is from the Yugarabul Aboriginal language meaning place of the stone axe.

Interview Transcription

Bryan: Okay, Bryan here from Stroud Homes, I’m just here with Luke Buckle at Bundamba from Ray White. Luke’s just moved into a new premises. Luke, how are you finding it?

Luke: Yes, very excited about the move. It’s a big change, big step up. At the end of the day, we were in a smaller 45 square meter office and we’ve moved up to something that’s just a tad shy of 100 now, including mezzanine storage. It’s certainly a step in the right direction, got a lot of faith in the market down here in the direction of Ipswich. As we all know, everything is heading west, you go east, you bump into water, you go north, you’ve got pine trees and you go south and you’re over the border. There’s not much where else to go but down this way.

Bryan: Excellent mate, you’ve still maintained your good visual location as well?

Luke: Oh, certainly, look, it’s a standard location on the corner and it’s not blink and you miss it location and it’s a big investment for us into the area. I mean it’s just showing our … I suppose our confidence in what’s being presented here in this local market.

Bryan: Absolutely, now speaking of the local market, how have you found things this year?

Luke: It’s been a topsy-turvy market, I wouldn’t say it’s a 1929 share market crash but it’s certainly … the fudge has been taken out of the market and it’s a very truthful and wholesome market. It’s more of a needs not a want. As much as you want everything that your heart desires, it’s becoming a need so if you need a roof over your head you purchase it.

With saying that, it’s given some opportunities for investors to pick up on the right on the rock bottom pricing, which is something that sort of hasn’t happened in the last five, six years so it’s a fantastic opportunity especially with some of this new stuff. I mean even the new land that’s out and about, I mean picking up 100 square meter blocks, great estates, fully benched, all services in one [inaudible 00:01:45] five minutes from Woolworths.

Bryan: I bet that is good pricing when you consider some of the other estates that are closer in around the city if Brisbane. You are sometimes talking around three and three fifty square meters.

Luke: Oh, well that’s right, look big enough for a caravan and I think that’s the big difference down here in Ipswich.

Bryan: Yes, absolutely, so what have you got here? Anything of light that you’ve picked up? I know you’ve got bits and pieces of land right around the place but as far as smallish estates, have you picked up anything of late?

Luke: Oh, we have, we’ve picked up on an estate here based in Bundamba, Bergins Rise, it’s certainly a lovely little prospect, high, dry, no flood issues. At the end of the day, like I said, if anything … a lot of the stuff here in Ipswich is always five minutes from your local Woolworths. The joy of one, which is ever expanding, that’s moving into a lot of industries around mining and electrical trades it sort of will be a wholesome industries also, so cookery, nursing, and that’s hardly five minutes from this estate.

You’re looking at Bundamba Secondary College that’s right down the road literally if you’ve got a good eye on you but only about two minutes away. Bundamba State Primary, again, only about four minutes drive, about 15 minutes walk so you really can spot … and also the beauty of it with the new M3/7, I think that’s what they are calling it but also known as the Ipswich Motorway. It’s giving me sort of a, on an evening 25-minute commute on a day without a crash, 35 minutes into Brisbane. 

Bryan: I’ve certainly noticed that coming here over the years; it’s just made such a difference to access. I’ve always thought that’s going to open Ipswich right up. Well Luke, thanks for your time here, I like the look of that new estate you’ve been talking about. I like the way it sounds so hopefully at Stroud Homes we can work together with you and get that one getting on.

Luke: Looking forward to seeing some roofs on the hill.

Bryan: Good day mate, thanks for your time today.