Introducing your new Brisbane South Salesperson – Meet Tristan Churchward

Introducing your new Brisbane South Salesperson – Meet Tristan Churchward

Stroud Homes Brisbane South Residential has recently had a new Salesperson joining the team. Tristan Churchward is the new ‘sales support’ person who has managed Stroud Homes Brisbane South‘s display home at Flagstone for the past five months.

Tristan takes great care of all customers and has quickly become a favourite due to his positive attitude. We have a chat to the new recruit to find out who he is and why he loves working for Stroud Homes.

What made you want to work for Stroud Homes?

What made me want to work for Stroud Homes was the sense of welcomeness and positivity of the Stroud family, and their drive to help their clients to the fullest.

I wanted to take part in this and help take our clients on an enjoyable building experience as well as delivering them a product they love and are proud of.

I love the honesty involved in the process here at Stroud Homes, especially our black and white quotes. No person deserves to be hit with hidden costs down the track, and with Stroud Homes this is never a problem. Their first price is their final price and that is something I could really get behind.


What’s your favourite Stroud Homes design and why?

My favourite design is the Wildflower 256. It’s such a great design that delivers a huge bang for your buck. The wildflower range are all such advanced family friendly designs. It displays a truly great layout, where simplicity is the key.

Many designs available from the copious amounts of builders on the market try to have too many separate areas or too much hallway. The success of the wildflower 256 plan is due to its big open areas and minimal hallway.

It is all-round a great design and it looks splendid with any façade.

Wildflower 256 Floor Plan - Option Two

How do you like to spend your free time?

I spend my time outside of work training at an athletics track practicing the Olympic sport of hammer throw. After this I will also spend a significant amount of time working out in the gym.

I aim to better my performance every time I step onto the track or into the gym. I am currently the Men’s U20 Australian Hammer throw champion and will be representing Australia, for the second time, this June at the Oceania Games in Townsville.

If you want to know more about Stroud Homes Brisbane South, don’t hesitate to contact Tristan on Mobile: 0447 018 870 or 07 5540 3949.

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