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Owning property is a good financial investment, as residential property has proven to be one of the best ways to boot your bank balance. Building and designing a property has the potential to make you even more money, which is why you will find it is becoming a popular choice for the astute real estate inventors.

Stroud Homes – one of Australia’s leading building companies – provides great service and guarantees the very best quality. Unlike other companies, we start work on your property straight away, so there is no risk of losing money on land you have just purchased. Your house will be fully completed within 16 weeks from the moment we start work, or we promise to pay your rent until we have finished. But with our proven track record, we are confident we can deliver within that time frame.

Every investor should think very carefully about what it is they want out of their property and whether they think it is worth spending the money. Having been in the industry for six years, Stroud Homes are happy to offer you as much advice as possible, when it comes to building your property, but we strongly recommend you speak with your financial advisor before committing, so you have  a clear idea of what sort of returns you can expect.

One of the benefits of building your own property from scratch is stamp duty. This is only assessed on the land contract value, which means there is nothing to pay for the separate building contract. Also, if you choose to invest in bricks and mortar this way, then there is the opportunity of capital growth between the date of contract and completion.

Instead of moving into your property once it is built, you could consider renting it out. A lot of investors turn to renting as it can provide you with a regular income. We find new builds are far more likely to attract tenants, who enjoy living in stylish and contemporary surroundings that have been built to the highest standard. Not only that, from a landlords point of view, you have less trouble with a new build, unlike older houses, which are more likely to have things go wrong.

There is huge demand for decent rental housing in Queensland and because of this banks are far more likely to lend more money, as they believe residential property holds its long term value.

Further benefits of building a new house means you get a building warranty, so there is no maintenance for that period. Also, new properties can help maximise tax depreciation allowances, which can help boost your cash flow.

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