Investing In The Fraser Coast

Investing In The Fraser Coast

The high property prices of Sydney and Melbourne have been a hot topic of late, with many people feeling they’re priced out of the housing market.

Aston 208 Classic Façade

Aletha from Stroud Homes Fraser Coast points out there are great investment opportunities on the Fraser Coast.

“We can do house and land packages for investment and the rental return is very good in this area,” Aletha says.

“Basically the shortage of rentals is high, so you’re looking at anywhere between $350 and $450 a week rent, while we can do house and land packages for under $400k.”

This has resulted in a lot of enquiries from people in these high priced areas, looking to get an investment property that’s still a nice sized family home.

Because of the affordable land prices, the size and quality of home that can be built increases considerably.

“It’s just so cheap in this area,” Aletha says.

“People (locals) think it’s expensive to build here, then they go away and live in another area for a while and realise it’s not even in their grasp.”

“We can do a Wildflower 190 classic façade on a block in Eli Waters, which is near the medical hub, for about $360,000.”

Wildflower 190 Classic Façade

“So the return on that actually isn’t negative geared, it’s going to be positive geared, you’ll be making money or it will be pretty spot on by the time you pay outgoings.”

If you’re looking to see a typical Stroud home, as well as the high quality standard inclusions that come with every build, you can visit the display home in Eli Waters.

For more information about investment properties in the area, as well as available house and land packages, call the Wide Bay team on 07 4152 6969.