Is DIY painting worth it?

Is DIY painting worth it?

Some of our customers ask if they can save money by painting their own home. At Stroud Homes, we are here to help you get into your new home – but we really don’t think you can save money by painting yourself. There is a variety of reasons for this, let’s have a look at some now.


Did you know there are over 1,000 nail holes in an average house that have to be filled and sanded by the painter as part of the normal preparation work? This work becomes your work if you were to take on the painting work in your new home.

The painter has the deck stacked in his favour, in other words – our painter can complete the work at a much lower cost because:

  • Volume purchasing. Our painter purchases large volumes of paint every day! Thus they are really looked after on price and supply the paint significantly under retail price.
  • Systematic approach. Our painter has systematised the painting your new home to ensure the work is completed to high quality in the most efficient possible way. It may take years for a painter to fine-tune his system in order for their team to offer competitive rates and achieve a great quality finish at the same time.
  • Part of the process. Our painter completes the paintwork in several stages so that he can complete some of the painting before some of the fittings and fixtures are installed. You would need to wait until after handover, which means you are painting around tiles, kitchen cabinetry and electrical fittings which the painter does not have to paint around.