Keep your Family Healthy this Winter

Keep your Family Healthy this Winter

Cleaning Carpets and Couches

Most families with young children will likely have more indoor activities happening now it’s getting too cold outside to play. While carpet is a pretty tough floor covering, like most things it does need a little love.

Unclean carpets and couches are a home to the unlimited number of bacteria and allergen, studies have shown that 50% of homes in Australia contain dust mites and allergen levels that can cause allergies and asthma.

It might just be coffee stains or kid’s activity mess but it could be something a bit more difficult to clean like dust or animal hair. Simple powders and shampoos can effectively clean stains and minimise odours but remember to patch test a small area first.

If you’re looking for a deep clean to wipe out any possible health risks, its easiest to call in a professional. That way you can get back to enjoying playtime with the family sooner.

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