Keeping Green in Port Macquarie

Keeping Green in Port Macquarie

Energy Efficient Homes

Located at the mouth of the Hastings River, Port Macquarie is a beautiful coastal town. Home to idyllic beaches and surrounded by lush hinterland, it’s no wonder locals want to do right by the place.

The team from Stroud Homes Port Macquarie are dedicated to building homes that not only look pretty but that are also energy efficient.

Sales Associate Sarah tells us, “It’s becoming a much-welcomed trend. A lot of people are realising the negative effects on the environment and looking at ways to reduce their bills.”


House Aspect

Building a home that is energy efficient begins during the planning stages.  “When selecting a plan, it’s important to first consider the aspect of your block of land to ensure that your home is comfortable and functions well.”

Living areas are generally built facing the north so that they soak up the sun throughout the day and bedrooms to the south to keep them cool for sleep time.

“This is a simple technique that can overall reduce the needs for heating or cooling as well as capturing natural light in your living areas.”

Energy efficient house

Energy Efficient Standard Inclusions

“As a standard, we include a Thermann 315L Electric Solar Hot Water system which can harness the sun’s energy to heat the water.”

“An electric element in the tank provides back up if needed, ensuring peace of mind, whilst also reducing your running costs.”

Homes built by Stroud Homes Port Macquarie will also come with other energy efficient standard inclusions like 60mm anti-con to roof, wall wrap sarking and the use of R1.5 insulation batts.

(Insulation products for NSW and QLD may vary)

Building Better

These building materials all help to achieve a home that meets the New South Wales Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) targets.

These targets are some of the strongest sustainability measures in Australia and are set in place to help deliver effective water and greenhouse gas reductions.

Stroud Homes Port Macquarie also welcome their clients to request items like solar systems and rain water tanks.

“We are able to provide information of the supplier that we recommend so that they can organise installation after handover or we are also able to include it as part of the build.”

Solar panels

Community Care

For over a year now, the Port Macquarie team have been actively involved in a partnership with Friends of Mrs York’s Garden.

This is a local community project run by volunteers who spend time planting trees, shrubs and bringing the garden back to life.

Planting trees

“We provide funds on a regular basis in support of this as well as volunteer our time in the garden on days like National Tree Planting Day.”

Tree planting initiative

If you are interested in building an energy efficient home and would like to work with a builder who supports the local community, please give the team a call on 02 6516 2233.

Joel Freeman
Joel Freeman