Knock-Down Re-Builds In Port Macquarie

Knock-Down Re-Builds In Port Macquarie

Port Macquaire home builder
With lots of land opening up just outside of town, many new home buyers are looking to build their home on empty lots, but there is still a knock down re-build market in Port Macquarie.

As with many coastal towns in New South Wales, there are a lot of old fibro shacks built on really well positioned lots.

“Port Macquarie’s funny at the moment,” Joel explains. “There’s such a huge amount of new land being released on the fringes of town, that the incentive to knock down re-build in town has diminished a little bit.”

“However, give it maybe 6-7 years when those fringe areas start to fill up and space is getting a little tighter, I think people will be getting a lot more willing to do the knock down re-build in town.”

Most new home buyers see the knock down as an extra hassle in an already lengthy process, but this isn’t always the case, and it can just become part of the building process.

“I’ve talked to some clients about arranging the knock down for them, I’ve got contractors who look after that. Other clients come to me and they’ve already knocked down their house and they didn’t realise we provided that service as well.”

Typically, a knock down quote for the kind of houses you find in Port Macquarie falls anywhere between $22,000 and $30,000 depending on the size of the slab and whether there’s asbestos to be removed.

However, that price can become part of your negotiation for the price of the property.

“If you’ve got an existing block with a house that obviously has to be knocked down, that can make the block slightly cheaper.”

“If you were talking to an agent… you could talk of figures between twenty and thirty grand, that’s what it’s going to cost you to knock the place down. So you could potentially argue the block of land could be sold at a reduced rate to offset that development cost.”

While some new homeowners may balk at the expense of the knock down, Joel points out that no one seems to second guess the same figure for putting in a swimming pool.

“If you’re knocking down a shack by the beach and building on the better positioned land though, you don’t need the pool because the beach is a short walk away.”

If you have your eye on a property that needs a knock down, talk to the team at the Port Macquarie display centre today. They can give you an idea of costs and the kind of home designs you could build in its place.