Knock Down Rebuilds
in Brisbane North

Knock Down Rebuilds
in Brisbane North


Knock Down Rebuilds in Brisbane North

Is your house feeling tired? Make it feel like home with Stroud Homes Brisbane North – your Knockdown Rebuild specialists.

If your current home no longer meets your needs, but you love your neighbourhood, why not rebuild?

What are the benefits of choosing to rebuild over buying new?

With the cost of extensive renovations often outweighing the cost of rebuilding, our customers find real benefits in choosing to rebuild. Some of these include:

  • You’ll avoid paying unnecessary stamp duty
  • Enjoying the freedom of design from over 80 new home designs
  • Upgrading your home with modern comforts
  • Staying in the location you love
  • Your kids can stay in the same school
  • Save in energy costs by building a more energy efficient home
  • Avoid budget blowouts from drawn-out renovations
  • You could increase the value of your property.

How do I know what it will cost to rebuild on my block?

Our Sales Consultants are here to help you with the selecting of your new home design. Once we find your perfect design together we will complete a personalised quote to build your new home.

Burpengary East Display Home

What are my options with my current home?

You can either engage a demolition company to demolish the home or even a house removal company to take the home away.

If your home is built up on stumps it is worth contacting a local removal company to find out the potential value of your home.

In some cases, our clients have avoided out of pocket expenses to achieve vacant land by engaging a removal company to take their home away.

Will Stroud Homes Brisbane North demolish or remove my home?

Unfortunately, we don’t demolish or remove existing homes. We are happy to assist in recommending local companies who will guide you through the process, including any required council approvals or permits.

How much does demolishing my home cost?

It depends on many factors including the size of the home, the materials used in the home or whether traffic management is required.

Demolishing costs can vary and we encourage you to contact a few different companies to get a couple of quotes.

How long do knock down rebuilds take?

Once you have gained council approval to knock down or remove your existing home your demolition or removal company could have your home gone within just a few days.

Once complete, the timeline to build your new home is generally the same as building a new home on a new block.

Once I have decided to do a knock down rebuild, what do I do next?

Our first step is to contact your Sales Consultant and request a visit to your site to perform a free site evaluation. From here, we’re excited to offer our exclusive knock down rebuild offer which includes:

  • 3-hour home design consultation and one-on-one tour of our display home
  • A no obligation discussion with our Mortgage Broker
  • Over 80+ inclusions in your new home



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