Knock-Down-Rebuilds on the Rise in Casey

Knock-Down-Rebuilds on the Rise in Casey

If you love the area you are currently living in or have found the block of land you’ve always dreamed of, but the house is not up to standard, a great option more and more people are considering is a knock-down-rebuild.

By building a new home rather than buying an existing one, clients will have the option to design their dream home and get the layout they always wanted.

Stroud Homes Casey Builder Caleb Townsend says that because of the banks changed conditions this year, there has been an increase in the demand for knocking down old houses and building up new again.

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Stroud Homes Casey Builders with James Stroud

James Stroud with knock-down-rebuild specialists Caleb and Ron Townsend

The Benefits

There are many benefits to keeping your block of land and re-building your home.

Keeping the same location is a big plus, allowing you to maintain the same lifestyle; kids are settled at school, friends and family often live close by, familiarity with the area etc.

According to Caleb, the price is also comparable to buying a new house in many cases, and with a knockdown and rebuild you avoid paying the stamp duty when compared to selling and re-buying a new property.

Some further advantages include:

  • No changing phone or internet connections
  • Get the interior you want in your home
  • Increasing the value of your land instantly

The process

When deciding on a knock-down-rebuild, many people are not aware of the extensive paperwork involved says, Caleb.

However, Stroud Homes Casey are experts in the area and pride themselves in giving their clients all the information needed before the demolition stage.

“Because of the many permits needed for these types of builds, council approval can take up to 3-5 months to be completed,” says Caleb.

“I would not recommend people to opt for a knock-down-rebuild unless they are patient. There are additional steps in a knockdown rebuild process but we’re here to help our clients and can handle it all for them.”

Some of the factors that need to be considered during the knockdown rebuild process include the infrastructure in the immediate area, such as sewer pipes, powerlines, swimming pools and sheds.


Stroud Homes offers real guarantees and commitments so that at the end of the building process, the client is left with a home that meets all requirements.

Stroud Homes Casey’s structural guarantee ensures that your home meets the benefit of warranties from Australia’s top manufacturers, including a 25-year warranty on timber frames.


For more information about knock down rebuilds, please don’t hesitate to contact the Casey team by calling 0420 942 177

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