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The benefits of a knockdown rebuild

The benefits of demolishing your old house and building a new are plentiful.

A knockdown rebuild provides you the opportunity to build a home that suits your exact needs and wants, and you can build in a location typically closer to the nearest city than you would be able to building in a new development.

You also don’t have to deal with any of the issues that come along with a renovation, such as lack of structural warranties, or areas that haven’t been renovated becoming the new sore point.

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Why knock down?

According to Stroud Homes Brisbane West Sales Consultant Joshua Moore, the most common reason to knock down your existing house and building a new home is typically when clients own an older run-down house.

It’s also common for people who are in a home that was built cheaply previously, but on a desirable block of land. “Normally the house is past the point of repair or would cost so much to renovate that it wouldn’t be worth doing.” says Joshua.

“The main problem with renovations is that they are never finished; there is always something else to work on.”

“A new home will be completed in just 16 weeks.”

Rebuilding can quite often seem like the more expensive option at the start, but when you account for ongoing maintenance, savings on your power, air-conditioning/heating, and the increased value of your home, it may turn out to be cheaper to rebuild than it will be to try and renovate.


Sometimes council approvals can be a bit tough to get for a knockdown rebuild in certain areas, explains Joshua. This is typically where the streets can have character overlays.

Asbestos that was used in the construction of the original house also has to be dealt with safely, which can increase the cost of knocking down.

“Always consider what is right for your land, your family and your budget,”says Joshua.

“You should also take into account the total costs for each option, as well as the total benefits,”

“While a renovation may appear cheaper, the value of your home will probably not increase as much as it would by building a brand new home.”

You should always speak to a financial adviser to make sure it is the right decision for you.


As standard with all new homes, Stroud Homes Brisbane West’s knockdown rebuild dwellings come with a 7-year structural warranty as a minimum, and 12 months on any fixtures that are non-structural.

Some of Stroud Homes warranty periods are much longer than these minimums. If you’re interested in more information ask Joshua for a full list of our warranty time frames.

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