Knockdown Rebuilds in Wollongong – Everything you need to know

Knockdown Rebuilds in Wollongong – Everything you need to know


Don’t leave your lot – consider a knockdown rebuild

Do you love where you currently live and are sitting on a great chunk of land, but in a home that is starting to look a bit tired around the edges?

Renovating your home is not the only answer, and sometimes it’s even the more stressful and a costlier option.

With the scarcity of land and increase in land prices, many people today decide to stay on the block they own and knock down and rebuild their old home.

Previously among home owners there was a fear of not getting their money back on resale however this has changed due to an increase in demand for newer homes.

Today, home buyers are looking for new properties with the latest fixtures and design trends which has caused high demand for these types of homes

We speak to Jared Powell from Stroud Homes Wollongong about knocking down and build back new in the area.

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The benefits of a knockdown rebuild

Knock down rebuilds (KDR) are becoming increasingly popular in the Wollongong area according to Jared.

“A lot of people like where they are and they might have their kids in school or family nearby, which makes knock down rebuilds a great option.”

And deciding to tear down your old home and build a new one can have a lot of benefits, including:

  • No stamp duty costs
  • You can continue living in an area you love
  • No changing phone or internet connections
  • Kids can stay at existing schools
  • Get the interior you want in your home
  • Customise your home with no wasted spaces
  • Increasing the value of your land instantly

“At Stroud Homes Wollongong we can design a home to suit your lifestyle and that fits the budget too,” says Jared.

“And we do all the work for you in terms of building and council approval. Once you have gained council approval to knock down or remove your existing home, we could have your home gone within just one or two weeks.”

Once complete, the timeline to build your new home is generally the same as building a new home on a new block.

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Factors to consider before you knock down & rebuild

Before you contact your builder to demolish your old home, there’s a few thing you should ask yourself.

The main question clients should consider, according to Jared, is their reason for considering a knockdown rebuild in the first place, and if they are prepared for the final price of such a project.

Is location important or would they be better off financially to just sell their current house and look for a vacant block of land to build instead?

Even though oftentimes a major renovation and a knockdown rebuild is comparable in price, and KDRs can even be cheaper in some cases where a renovation is dragged out, there’s still considerable cost involved.

“If you are looking to build your forever home, knockdown rebuilds are great as you’re already fond of the block and now you get to design your dream home to go with it.”

So, if your current home no longer meets your needs, but you love your neighbourhood, why not rebuild? Choose from Stroud Homes Wollongong’s large range of designs, avoid paying stamp duty and make your dream home a reality!

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Jared Powell

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