Knockdown Rebuilds with Stroud Homes Brisbane South

Knockdown Rebuilds
with Stroud Homes Brisbane South


Always dreamed of living in a brand new home?
Love your neighbourhood, your neighbours?


Consider unlocking the equity in your home and building a new home
where you already live with Stroud Homes Brisbane South Acreage!

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Knock Down Re-Build Process

  1. Find your knock down / re-build property (it could be your current home!)

  2. Choose your builder

  3. Have tests and surveys started

  4. Organise demolition and removal

  5. Finalise new home design

  6. Plans are drawn up and pricing completed via quote

  7. Sign building contract and get started building your new home!


What’s the Next Step?

  • We have in excess of 100 plus new home designs to choose from
  • You can choose from single storey, double storey, attached and detached granny flat designs

The advantage of staying where you are

Some of the most common reasons homeowners decide to knock down and rebuild their existing home, rather than renovating or buying a new home, usually have to do with location and/or budget.

A lot of people might love the location they’re currently living in, and building on land you already own is cheaper than buying land and building. The price to rebuild is a lot lower when you don’t have to pay for land.

Also, by knocking down your old home and building anew, you get to stay where you currently live and reduce the time it takes to find a new block.

How you save money on a Knock Down Rebuild Project

Stamp Duty

  • You won’t pay ANY Stamp Duty on knock down / re-builds.
  • Stamp Duty on an existing home purchase could be as much as $20k!

Real Estate Fees

  • You can easily spend hundreds and probably thousands of dollars in marketing your home to sell.
  • Expect your Real Estate commission to be $15k to $25k!

Legal Fees

  • Conveyancing costs will usually be $800 to $2,000

Pest and Building Inspections

  • Expect to pay anything from $800 to $1,500 for pest and building inspections

Challenges of a knockdown rebuild

Stroud Homes Brisbane South Acreage is an expert in knocking down and building back up, but there are, as with any build, some challenges for the builder in some instances.

Removal of the old home can cause a bit of delay and access can also be a hurdle if knocking down on a narrow lot in a built-up area.

However, the team in Brisbane South has years of experience and will do everything to meet the client’s needs.

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Before you knockdown

Before deciding to knock down your old, sometimes very beloved home, you should ask yourself if you’d be better of with a renovation.

You’ll have to consider how far you want to take the renovation. Is it just the kitchen that needs sprucing up to start with, and then maybe the bathrooms?

But how long until you want to re-do something? And what renovation is ever really complete?

Why not build a completely new home all at the same time?

But again, depending on what you want to do, a renovation can cost a lot more especially when it drags on and on.

That’s why a lot of the times, when already owning a great lot of land, knocking down and building a new dwelling is the wisest option in terms of your finances.

The only time it’s advisable NOT to go through with a knockdown rebuild is if you’re buying a property for location and want to do a knockdown rebuild but the upfront costs of the current home and land are too high. In this case you should just find vacant land.

Knock Down Rebuild in Action at Salisbury

Featured Designs for Knock Down Rebuild Projects

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