Knocking down and building new in Darra

Knocking down and building new in Darra


Knockdown & Rebuild!

Knockdown rebuilds (KDRs) have become increasingly popular in the Ipswich area.

These types of builds generally suit people who have purchased a block of land in a desirable location, but where the house is either unlivable, or will require a major renovation to keep it livable.

The team members at Stroud Home Ipswich are experts in these types of builds and are currently working on a new KDR project in Darra, with a home design being a hybrid of Stroud’s popular Wildflower and Savannah designs.

Take a look at the ‘knockdown’ stage in the video below:


The Block

The clients have owned the block for quite a while and eventually got sick of the very old stump home that was on the block, Ipswich builder Tom Sachs tells us.

The block is in a really nice suburb, but the house was beyond repair, full of asbestos and ready to fall down.

One of the major challenges was the block, it is a decent size, but it is an irregular shape.

“With a KDR you get all the benefits of the current block of land, plus you get a new home to live in,” explains Tom.

“Blocks of land can be scarce in inner Ipswich, as well as the corridor between Brisbane and Ipswich.”

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The are a lot of moving parts in a knockdown rebuild but Stroud Homes can take care of the entire project under one contract.

“We can take care of the entire project from start to finish,” Tom says.

There are some challenges usually occurring during the build, but being experts in the area, Stroud Homes has seen it all.

“It is often difficult to know the exact extent of siteworks required until the old home is knocked down,” Tom explains.

There can also be a lot of logistics issues with the clients in trying to line up exactly when they should aim to be out of the old house, and exactly when they will be able to move back in.

Stroud Homes is doing everything to be as clear as possible with their clients every step of the build.

For more progress shots, keep an eye on the Stroud Homes Ipswich Facebook Page.


KDR vs Renovation

A renovation may seem like an attractive alternative, but chances are the ‘bones’ of the home are still a mess and will need to be fixed eventually.

If the works are too big it is often cheaper in the long run to knock down and start again.

You should also take into account resale price.

What usually ends up costing more – rebuilding or renovating?

Renovations are typically cheaper, but they rarely last.

A house that you are renovating will likely need constant work or replacements every few years to keep all of the sections of the home at the same level.

A knockdown rebuild may be a more expensive project in the short term, but the long-term benefits and cost savings on future renovations often make up for it.

If you are interested in learning more about KDR projects with Stroud Homes Ipswich, give Peter a call on 0447 787 683 today!

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