Landing planes on houses

Landing planes on houses


Today was the first day that I flew and landed a plane by myself.

No one else in the plane, no auto pilot not even any radio assistance. Completely on my own. The take off was easy, actually it would be pretty hard for anyone to cock up the take off.

However the moment that the plane’s wheels left the ground it dawned on me. I solely have to put this thing back on the ground! My palms immediately became clammy, the stress levels skyrocketed (pardon the pun) and I actually had a headache at the time but the massive amount of adrenaline eliminated the headache almost instantly.

Overly focused on the end result

During the ascent I started to freak out a little bit. I was focusing so heavily on the end result of putting the plane on the ground that I realised I was not thinking about any of the other steps and procedures that I needed to follow. If I continued to freak out about the landing and stuff up all the steps required to get there, then an appearance on 7 local news was quickly coming my way.

I found composure and reassured myself that I had landed before and that the best landing is going to require the best approach and lead up. I completed all of the approach pretty well and safely landed on the ground letting out a massive “Yeeha!” as the plane came to a gentle stop.

A lesson in how we build homes

I was pumped and it was not until hours later after the excitement had worn off that I realised that this is why the Stroud Homes system of building homes works so well. If you actually think about it building a house is incredibly daunting!

Managing the process delivers a quality end product

There are over 10,000 nails screws and fixings that have to be placed in precisely the right location and be the precise shape and type, 3,200 man hours which is equivalent to 400 days of work put in by all staff and trades, there are over a thousand people that all need to be orchestrated into having their product made at an absolutely precise time so that it can be installed onsite without causing any delay to the project. There are over 7,500 phone calls per home made to do all of this.

Every single element of the build has to be completed in a precise order to ensure that nothing is missed and the end result of a beautiful well-functioning home is achieved. If you try and focus solely on the end result, then crucial steps will be missed and it will all come to a glorious crash.

At Stroud Homes we have created step by step processes for every element of building a home to ensure that nothing is missed and the end result is something that we are very proud of.

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