Let’s talk Granny Flats!

Let’s talk Granny Flats!

Multi-generational housing

Rising cost in the real estate market has created new trends in living arrangements for people in Australia.

More and more young people are opting to stay with their parents while at university or to save up for a deposit for a house.

Another trend on the rise is where baby boomers are moving back in with their adult kids for ease and the convenience of having family close.

These new housing constellations has called for more dual living options on the market.

Stroud Homes Gold Coast South and North divisions are experts in multi-generational living dwellings and are here to answer any questions on granny flats builds.

What is a granny flat?

granny flat, or granny annex, is a self-contained housing unit on an existing property. Granny flats have their own bathroom, kitchen and bedroom and have usually been converted from a detached room, garage or shed.

Granny flats can allow home owners to keep parents or adult children close by while giving them their own space. They can also be a great way to generate rental income.

There are several options for adding a granny flat to your property, such as adding a standalone building in your backyard or building a secondary dwelling as an extension over the garage.

Stroud Homes Gold Coast’s house plans with attached granny flats provide ample living space while also presenting an integrated home frontage and roofline.

Cost of building a granny flat

Attached Granny Flats are very cost effective in terms of construction and can range from $20,000 to $200,000 plus. This not including outside work such as driveway and landscaping.

The price commonly depends on the purpose of the dwelling and the quality the client is looking for.

It also depends on the level of customisation of your granny flat to suit your personal needs and requirements. Building a standalone granny flat can be a bit more costly.

A lot of people don’t realise that constructing a standalone granny flat at your property essentially means creating an entirely new structure. It will have its own footings, walls and services which will inevitably drive up the price a notch.

As granny flats are in high demand these days, they also add value to your existing property and will increase the overall value of your home if you wish to sell.

If you want to know more about Stroud Homes’ granny flats, view our granny flat brochure.

The Benefits

Stroud Homes has special expertise in designing and building homes with attached granny flats.

The best feature of these home designs is how they integrate with the overall home. From the outside you wouldn’t even notice the house contains a separate dwelling.

Another benefit is the added security of having someone else living on the property; it is more likely to act as a deterrent to potential burglars than a single residence with all the lights off.

Other benefits of homes with attached granny flats include:

  • Greater economy and affordability
  • Improved security
  • Flexible lifestyle options including childminding, supervision and assistance
  • Cost-effectiveness of the initial build
  • Enhanced resale value.

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