Making Changes to the Stroud Design

Making Changes to the Stroud Design

Changing the Plan

When you are considering building your new home, whether it is your first or third, you may have lots of questions for your builder.

At Stroud Homes Brisbane North, we understand this. That is why builder Jace Keirnan has answered the most commonly asked questions he gets about Making Changes To The Stroud Homes Design.

Am I allowed to make changes to a Stroud Homes home design?

Yes, we give you the flexibility to make changes to our house plans if you choose to. We want your home to suit your family’s lifestyle and to truly feel like your home from day one.

Custom Kentucky 304 Design
Custom Kentucky 304 Design

If I want to make changes, who do I talk to?

The first step is to make an appointment with one of our sales team to discuss your needs in a home and what changes you are thinking of making to a house plan.

If I decide on a change that will negatively impact the overall design, will you let me know?

Absolutely, we are here to assist you through the new home build process and any changes need to be carefully considered for functionality purposes.

Will I get to see new house plans with the changes I’ve requested?

You will have your professionally drawn house plans during the preliminary process of the build. The preliminary process starts once you are happy with the concept house plan that you and your sales consultant have completed together, and the preliminary agreement is entered into.

Stroud Homes preliminary agreement

If I make changes to the design, will it affect the cost?

Each change is unique, and some changes will incur a charge. Your sales consultant will be able to provide professional advice on the costs associated with different types of plan changes.

Custom Granny Flat
Custom Granny Flat – The ‘Mini Mansion’

How much should I take re-sale into consideration when I make changes

Re-sale is an important factor to consider when you are thinking of making major changes to the flow of a house plan.

Most of our clients make small changes based on something specific they are wanting and keeping the changes to just a few means the home will suit most families into the future.

Custom Kentucky 304 Design

What is one common change your customers like to make?

The most commonly requested change is to the master suite, we have clients who fall in love with one of our house plans but prefer another one of our master bedroom layouts.

Can you give me an example of a change you’ve been proud to make?

Our North Harbour Display Home is a great example of a master bedroom layout change that has proven to be really successful.

The Wildflower with master bedroom layout change

If you have more questions for Jace and his team, give them a bell on 07 3453 0100 or fill in the form below. Remember, there’s no such thing as a silly question!

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