Making The Right Change For You

Making The Right Change For You

Change our plans to suit you

The team at Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast understand that when it comes to houses, the one-size-fits-all-model is a little unrealistic. That’s why they are happy to tailor a design or create a custom home to suit your needs and lifestyle.

From extending wardrobe space (yes please!) to a bigger floor plan to completely changing up the bedroom layout, the team are on hand to help you design the home of your dreams.

Sarah Walters from Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast answers some of the most frequently asked questions on Making Changes.

Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast Floor Plans with Changes
A Stroud Homes plan with a few adjustments made for the client. Image: @arrabriplace via Instagram

If I want to make changes to the home design, who do I talk to?

Depending on the stage you are at in your build journey, who you speak to about plan changes will vary. Up to the contract stage, your sales consultant is the best person to talk to.

Will I get to see new house plans with the changes I’ve requested?

You sure will! We require our clients to sign off on any changes made before further progress is made.

Stroud Preliminary Sales Agreements

If I make changes to the design, will it affect the cost?

It depends on the change. There is no real “blanket rule” when it comes to changes. Some changes will increase the cost significantly, some changes might even out. Any changes you make will be quoted accordingly.

How much should I take re-sale into consideration when I make changes?

It is always a consideration if you think the change you are making is specifically unique to your needs. At the same time, if you are planning on staying in your home for a long period of time – why not tailor it to suit you?

Modified Bellemere 268 Home Design at Sunshine Coast
A modified Bellmere 268

If I decide on a change that will negatively impact the overall design, will you let me know?

Yes. This is something we are very confident in doing. At the end of the day, you are employing us as your builder because building homes are what we specialise in.

We take this responsibility with pride and want to ensure that you will be happy with your finished product, not disappointed when your vision doesn’t quite work.

What is one common change people like to make?

Adding more storage is a common reason for making changes – whether that be bigger robes, extra linen cupboards or more kitchen cabinetry space!

Kentucky 348 Design Display Home

Can you give me an example of a change a recent Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast client has made to a home?

We had a client turn the fourth bedroom into a media room and turn the original media room into a butler’s pantry (it was located adjacent to the kitchen already).

The change worked fantastically for their lifestyle and came up really well. We approved!!

Congratulations to Richard and Chris who received the keys to their brand new modified Wildflower

If you’ve got any questions for the Sunshine Coast team, don’t hesitate to contact them on 07 5444 2521 or drop them a line on the form below.

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