Making The Right Changes For Your Family

Making The Right Changes For Your Family

Getting it Right

Building a home may be a once in a lifetime occurrence so it’s best to get it right. Getting it right may be by following the Stroud Homes design or by injecting your family’s needs into the plan.

This may mean allowing more room for storage, increasing the overall size of the home or making modifications to fit the home to the block you’ve chosen.

Stroud Homes Sydney South West are here to help you on this journey to provide you with the best outcome on handover day. Sales Consultant, Yousef Asic answers some common questions on making changes.

Am I allowed to make changes to a Stroud Homes home design?

Yes, building a house is an exciting process and to be able to plan your dream home you need to love it.

If this means modifying one of our plans to suit your needs we are more than happy to do so. You should be able to love where you live.

If I want to make changes, who do I talk to?

Changes to the Plans are able to be made in the Prelim Stage, we will work with you during this stage to design your dream home.

You will have this discussion with our friendly sales consultant and our builder Freddy will also have input in this process.

If I decide on a change that will negatively impact the overall design, will you let me know?

We are experienced professionals in this field and will give you our professional and honest opinion, but at the end of the day it is your home and you need to be happy with it.

If we see something that maybe a potential issue we will discuss this with you and also give you alternative options.

Will I get to see new house plans with the changes I’ve requested?

Yes, of course we work with you to make changes to the design as requested. We then send the Drafts to our architect he will get the modified plans draw up.

We will then have another appointment with you to make any final changes to the plans before we finalise the plans for you.

Elwood 256 Classic Floor Plan
The Elwood 256 Floor Plan with optional upgrades

If I make changes to the design, will it affect the cost?

Not necessarily, the changes that may affect the cost of the house will be if the plans have been modified to be larger than the original plans and also all upgrades selected.

Sometimes due to plans being made larger, there may be structural changes that need to occur.

How much should I take re-sale into consideration when I make changes?

It is always a good idea to keep resale in your mind when designing your house. Even if you think it is your forever home, plans can sometimes change down the track.

What is one common change some people like to make to the Stroud Homes design?

Different families have different needs and wants such as bigger bedrooms, bigger bathrooms or more Storage.

There’s a huge variety of changes that we see. One common change I see is made in the kitchen and that is to make the kitchen grand and luxurious as it is the hub of the home.

Can you give me an example of a successful change a client has made to one of your designs?

The popular acreage design, the Kentucky 304, was modified by a client to include a small bedsitter for an elderly parent and an upstairs loft area for an office and kitchenette.

Kentucky 304 & Granny Flat Classic Façade

The Kentucky 304 plus Granny  Flat

If you’d like to talk to Yousef and the team about building a new home in the region, give them a call on 02 9606 9896.

Freddy Khachan
Freddy Khachan