Meet Ipswich General Manager: Tom Sachs

Meet Ipswich General Manager: Tom Sachs

Tom Sachs Ipswich General ManagerBuilding with Stroud Homes Ipswich

The home building industry in Ipswich is on fire at the moment according to Stroud Homes Ipswich General Manager Tom Sachs. And Tom should know considering his wealth of knowledge of the area and his experience in the building industry.

A Working History

Tom began his career as an apprentice carpenter working on an array of project styles. He then moved to sub-contracting to builders specialising in new home builds and that’s when he realised his passion for building lay.

“I became a builder because I want to make a difference to Project Home Building. I believe with my high standards for construction and service I will make my mark in the industry.”

That’s why Tom has decided to lay his nail bag to rest and take on this new role at Stroud Homes Ipswich.

Why Stroud?

James, Tom and Beck Stroud Ipswich

James, Tom and Beck from Stroud Homes Ipswich

Choosing to work for Stroud Homes came easily for Tom. “They are a group of builders with similar beliefs to me. We all strive for excellence.”

Tom believes in the way that the home owners are treated with respect and aren’t just a number in the long line of builds.

By giving the customer open and honest quotes and pricing finalised before the contract is signed, Tom believes that he is giving the customer the best experience possible with no nasty surprises lurking on the build.

Building In Ipswich

There’s huge potential in Ipswich at the moment with new homes going up everywhere and Tom is looking forward to making his mark on the territory.

With green field blocks available, new land registering early in 2019 and a huge potential for knock-down rebuilds in the older suburbs, we believe Tom can do it!

“Ipswich has a lot of history behind it. The city has a lot of beautiful old buildings. There is also a lot of new developments going in with new parks for the kids and new shopping complexes so you don’t need to travel far to get the groceries”.

Quick Questions For Tom:

What should people who haven’t built before know when looking for a builder?

Check their level of inclusions. Make sure everything you need is included don’t just assume. Also check their online reviews.

Make sure what they are telling you, is delivered during the construction phase. The builder’s reviews will be a good gauge of this.

What’s the secret to a happy building experience?

Building with Stroud Homes Ipswich. Good communication and finalising all the pricing before going to contract.

What is your number 1 priority on a build?

A quality finish.

What do you think is essential for a family home?

A separate area for kids and adults. Most of our designs have a media room and a Child’s Retreat. Also, plenty of linen space.

What’s your pick as the best Stroud home design for your area and why?

The Avoca range for town blocks as it fits on most of the available blocks and the Kentucky range for the acreage as they are very well priced and a great design for the larger lots.

Avoca 227 Display Home in South Ripley

The Avoca 227 Display Home at South Ripley

If you’d like to talk to Tom and the team about building your dream home in 2019, give the Ipswich crew a call on 07 3450 9857.

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