Meet Our New Sydney South West Builder: Freddy Khachan

Meet Our New Sydney South West Builder: Freddy Khachan

Freddy-Khachan-Stroud-Homes-Sydney-South-WestBranching into the Sydney market, Stroud Homes is excited to announce its new home builder for the Sydney South West and Liverpool region: Freddy Khachan.

Coming from ten years in the family construction company, working as site supervisor and contract administrator, Freddy branched out into building inspections. It was from looking after new home buyers with full building reports and defect lists that he noticed a drop in quality in the housing market.

“Because the market has moved so quickly, doing building inspections I’ve seen quite a significant drop in quality of work, especially in project built homes… I suppose it’s the curse of their success – they’re quite stretched and haven’t got the time to spend on each job,” Freddy says.

Now stepping back into the building game with his wife Sera looking after the administration, Freddy is looking forward to building homes to the quality standard new home owners should be able to expect.

Both born and raised in Sydney, it’s important for them to be able to build for the families in their local area.

“Where we’re setting up shop, it’s where we were born and raised so I really want to build for the area where I’ve lived my whole life.”

Freddy and Sera also have a nine month old daughter so they understand the needs of young people that want a family home with room to grow.

The best advice Freddy can give to young families having their first home built is to have a building inspector do reports in stages through the building process. He knows most young Mums and Dads don’t know much about the building game, and regular reports provide the peace of mind that everything is going as planned.

“I’ve found that jobs I have inspected from the get go, during the stages of the construction have turned out a lot better than those that just called me in at the end to do a final inspection.”

That’s the experience Freddy brings with him to the Sydney South West office – his oversight on jobsites to ensure everything is going to plan, and to the standard Stroud Homes is renowned for.

For more information about building a new home in Sydney’s South West and the Liverpool area, contact Freddy on 0413 556 229.