Meet Your Cardinia Builder

Meet Your Cardinia Builder

Meet Stroud Homes Cardinia owner Andrew Barraclough. He has many years of experience in the building industry and is passionate about providing a quality home and good building process for his clients.

Andrew talks to us about his role at Stroud Home Cardinia and why it is such an appealing place to build your new home.

Can you tell us about your building experience and why you became a builder?

I have been project managing and property developing since 2004. My experience and knowledge from my engineering company allows me to see past some of the design issues most other builders may face.

Having structural engineering knowledge when it comes to building also give us the benefit of being able to build well engineered and thought out homes.

A structural engineer needs to have great problem-solving skills, do you think these skills will help at Stroud Homes Cardinia?

Yes, problem solving is an everyday occurrence in this business. Being able to think on your feet helps the building process flow better.

Our contractors helping us build our beautiful homes come from a range of different experiences, and for us to be able to manage their skills in a mentoring capacity helps us create a quality product.

What’s the residential building industry like in Cardinia right now?

Cardinia has been growing over the last seven years, from an outer Melbourne suburb, to a regional metropolitan hub. The volume of medium to large corporates are now within no more than 30-minute train ride.

Cardinia still has areas where the first home buyer can get a full $20,000 grant to help purchase their first home.

Land sales in the immediate vicinity of Pakenham have recently plateaued, where you can pickup a decent sized block for less than $500,000. There are many land releases still to come in Cardinia, which will see new sub-divisions being released to 2030.

Cardinia, can provide a new home builder with a broad range of options, from acreage homes, granny flats, double storey, apartments, pool and of course a helipad if that is what you are wanting.

Hudson 278 Mountian Façade
The Hudson 278 Mountain Façade acreage design

Currently, what is the land situation like in Cardina?

There are a wide range of features being sold with new land releases, from undulating where a split-level home is suited, a flat block where all our floor plans can be suitable, or sloping where we can arrange to adapt our floor plans to make the most of the views.

Cardinia is a relatively new metropolitan centre, where the investors are just starting to sub-divide and building a smaller unit on the rear of the property.

There are not many 3 plus units on existing blocks, making Cardinia a great place to have a big bag yard for the kids to play in, or the dog to run and hide bones.

Lennox 325 Classic Façade
Lennox 325 House & Land Package at Pakenham

The team at Cardinia are experienced builders and designers. We have in-house qualified drafting and engineering, allowing us to easily and quickly design a home, and estimate the costs accurately, to help you realise your new home building dream.

Drop them a line on 03 5940 4999 or fill in the form below.

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