Meet Your Local Builder – David Adams

Meet Your Local Builder – David Adams

We sat down with Brisbane East Builder David Adams to find out what makes him tick and why he thinks Brisbane East is the place to be right now.

Early Career

David started off his career in construction as a residential carpenter obtaining his license back in 2005. He then went on to work in Site Supervision, supervising and coordinating tradesmen on smaller scale residential projects up to $50 million commercial projects.

His skills as a carpenter and management skills have been paramount to David’s success at building dream homes for Brisbane East residents.


Education & Trust

When asked what should people who haven’t built before look for when choosing a builder, David answered, “Trust. People need to be able to trust their builder. It’s a very big commitment to build someone a house.

To only look at the price of the builder doesn’t give them the full picture to what the builder will be like.” David likes to educate and guide his clients through the project to make sure that their home comes to completion on time, on budget and built with the quality known to Stroud Homes.

Quality Control

With David’s background in Site Supervision, he believes that other construction companies spread their supervisors too thin with some not managing even a weekly visit. This leads to the quality of trades dropping off and ultimately to blown budgets.

Stroud Homes supervisors use leading technology to monitor job sites regularly and efficiently and are on ground to carry out regular on-site inspections to maintain quality control.

Quality is especially important when building a family home. David believes that builder’s need to understand the couple and family before they build their house. David says, “It’s not about saying that this design suits the budget. It’s about finding a design that fits the budget, the block and the family.” David wants all of his clients to end up with their dream house that suits their family and lifestyle perfectly.

Chat to David

If you are interested in building your dream home in Brisbane East, contact David and his team on 07 3416 4839 or 0437 200 180. You can also email on [email protected]