Modern Living in Bundaberg

Modern Living in Bundaberg

Modern Home Design

Home design has changed to keep up with what modern families want and need from their home. The team from Stroud Homes Bundaberg understand how a home can help a busy family live their best life. Courtney Stallard talks to us about what her customers in the Bundaberg region want from their new home.

In your experience, how has the overall design of the family home changed?

We are seeing a trend towards smaller square meter homes. Clients are realizing a great way to crack into the property market is by starting small, buying what you can comfortably afford and then building equity to on-sell & scale up.

A smaller home will also take up less footprint on the block, allowing more room for sheds & pools which are important to Bundaberg clients.

Why do you think open plan living is so important to families these days?

Those days are gone where Mum would spend her day in the separate Kitchen room and Dad was locked away in the Den. In Modern society both Mum & Dad are working, the whole family helps out around the house, and everyone wants to be surrounded by their loved ones in those precious evening hours.

Even if someone is working on their laptop from the Dining Table, someone is on the couch watching TV and someone is cooking dinner in the Kitchen, everyone is together!

They say the heart of the home is the kitchen, do you feel that’s true?

This is very true for the Australian lifestyle. Our everyday life centres around preparing meals for our family together in the busy mornings and evenings. However, our entertainment culture also involves allowing guests to socialize with their host while they are providing drinks and preparing food.

An Island Kitchen with two-way access is perfect for all these scenarios ensuring a calm flow for all family members.

Which Stroud Homes home has your favourite kitchen layout and why?

Whilst the open plan Kitchen with Island Bench is remaining popular, we’ve recently seen an increase in the popularity of window splash backs between the benchtop & overhead cupboards.

Designs with the Kitchen running along an external wall such as the Paddington 176 or Aston 153 work well and these homes are both available with our affordable Super Six Inclusions.

Stroud Home kitchen design

Butler’s Pantries and Walk-In Pantries seem to very popular these days. Why do you think this is?

The trend towards minimalism in design means we want all the functional everyday items hidden away out of sight. Families are becoming busier & busier these days so it’s impractical to move items in and out of cupboards every day.

A Walk-In Pantry allows you to set up the toaster, kettle & blender out of sight. You can even leave your dirty dishes in the sink if you invest in plumbing to a Butler’s Pantry. Finally, all your groceries are lined up on open shelving which means it’s easier to see what you’ve got on hand when cooking & shopping.


What is another key feature that families are looking for in a new home these days?

Functional Bathrooms and great storage are also key elements to running a smooth household. Our homes will always have a separate toilet to the Main Bathroom, and many designs also incorporate a Powder Room with a secondary vanity area and extra Linen Storage outside the Bathroom, great for keeping towels and toilet paper within easy reach.

Functional Bathrooms

A Stroud Home is pretty much turn-key, why do you think this is so appealing to customers?

With busy working lives, everybody is time poor these days. To have your builder finish your home to a level where everything is installed, connected & ready to go is a real attribute.

We see clients get caught out with other builders when they move into their new home and didn’t realise the TV antenna, clothesline, letterbox or dishwasher wasn’t included in their contract. This just causes headaches to organize when moving house, so Stroud Homes ensure all these things come as standard in our homes so you don’t have to worry.

What do you think is Stroud Homes Bundaberg’s biggest selling point?

Our biggest selling point is definitely our honesty and transparency. We run our business in an ethical way. We believe our clients are intelligent people and we don’t want to try and pull the wool over their eyes just to get the sale.

We prefer to be upfront and inform clients of all worst-case scenarios so that these can be budgeted for and there are no nasty surprises along the way.

Communication is key and we pride ourselves on the information we provide to our clients to keep them in the loop every step of the journey.

Lastly, why should someone build in Bundaberg now?

Bundaberg is seeing a real growth with lots of fantastic land estates on offer at affordable prices.

Bundaberg Council is currently finalizing plans for the revitilisation of the Bundaberg CBD which mayor Jack Dempsey says is “an ambitious plan to have the Bundaberg CBD recognised as the premier commercial hub for the entire Wide Bay Region”.

Whether families are looking for a coastal lifestyle or a country acreage, there is something for everyone in our region.

With so much great development happening in the area, now is the time to build and invest. Give the Stroud Homes Bundaberg team a call on 07 4152 6969.

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