Modern Living in Canberra

Modern Living in Canberra

Changes in Home Design

VJ Tran from Stroud Homes Canberra has many years of building experience under his tool belt. With a great depth of building industry knowledge and an understanding of what his Canberra clients want from a new home, we asked VJ to talk about how the family home has changed.

In your experience, how has the overall design of the family home changed?

New home designs have certainly evolved to become more focused on functionality to accommodate modern-day lifestyle and conveniences.

Well thought-out layouts, such as those found in Stroud Homes design plans, take into consideration the flow of daily activities.

This includes well-planned alfresco/entertainment areas off the kitchen-dining areas to help cater for the outdoor lifestyle that has become a popular way to entertain families and friends.

The Waterlily 256

Why do you think open plan living is so important to families these days?

Open-plan living allows families to interact and participate to a greater extent with activities, such as meal preparations and through the daily family afternoon and evening time.

It’s also a more highly interactive set up for entertainment as it takes out the traditional, segregated kitchen-dining arrangement.

They say the heart of the home is the kitchen, do you feel that’s true?

The cooking together and family discussions that occur around the kitchen are such central activities for families, and therefore I think “the kitchen as the heart of the home” is true and so important.

A clever kitchen design, I believe, is an essential component to home planning to encourage these sharing and togetherness moments.

The Wildflower 256

Butler’s Pantries and Walk In Pantries seem to very popular these days. Why do you think this is?

Butler pantries and walk-in pantries offer such practical, functional storage solutions for both food and kitchen equipment that families find themselves having to store and organise.

Butler’s pantries take it a step further and are great as they also contain the “mess” from meal preps, which is so handy when entertaining guests.

The Waterlily 256

What is another key feature that families in Canberra are looking for in a new home these days?

Aesthetics is another feature families are looking for in their new homes these days. The façade of a home is a fantastic way to create impact and make a statement.

What’s great about Stroud Homes home designs is that all designs come with façade options and variations, so you can further customise your home to your style.

What I love about Stroud Homes is we cater for a wide range of tastes, taking into consideration layout choices, while still satisfying the aesthetics factor.

The Bronte 240 façades

Lastly, why should someone build in Canberra at the moment?

Building in the Canberra and surrounding regions is an ideal choice because of the availability of new lands that continue to be released, which are only a stone’s throw away too many central locations.

In addition to this, improvements in infrastructure, including in roads and transportation, also continue to improve, making this region a great place to live for both work and families.

Would you like to talk to VJ about building a home in the Canberra region? Get in touch and call on 0410 031 351.

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