Modern Living in Ipswich

Modern Living in Ipswich

Growth Corridor

The Springfield and Ipswich corridor is the fastest growing area in Queensland and as it is still affordable, it is an excellent place to start or grow your family.

Jason Till is a local man himself and has been in the business of putting families into new homes for a long time. This makes Jason an expert at understanding what his customers want and how these needs have changed over time.

“We have found that people are moving more towards open living areas, as well as incorporating the outdoor living area into their homes,” says Jason.

Open Plan Living

Connectivity is important when building family homes these days and spaces where a family can connect are highly valued.

“It means that when Mum and Dad are cooking dinner and the kids are doing homework everyone is still together and able to talk easily and feel as though they are still all together,” Jason tells us.

Providence Display Home South RipleyWildflower 256

The Kitchen

The heart of the home, the kitchen, is the prime room in the home that brings everyone together. “It’s where everyone comes together at the end of each day to talk and share a meal, a kitchen layout can absolutely make or break a home.”

Jason’s favourite kitchen is in the new Waterlily 256 which you can walk through at the Springfield Display Home.

Waterlily 256 Urban Floor Plan
Springfield Display HomeWaterlily 256 Urban Floor Plan

Boasting a fantastic kitchen and butler’s pantry layout, the garage is directly connected to the pantry making the transfer of groceries a breeze.

Butler’s pantries and walk-in pantries are important in modern kitchen design as they have become a place to store appliances and food.

“The kitchen has become more of a space to congregate as a family, rather than just a food prep area, so being able to keep the kitchen clear and tidy is certainly a huge positive.”

Butler’s Pantry – Avoca 247


Another trend Jason and his team from Stroud Homes Ipswich have noticed in modern home design is the need for adult and children’s retreats. This separate area allows for the family to have a designated area which can be sectioned off from everyone else.

“A big benefit of the children’s retreat is that all the mess of ‘play time’ is contained in one area that can be easily closed off if unexpected guests drop by!”

Providence Display Home South RipleyWildflower 256

Springfield Display Home

All of these features mentioned here can be viewed at their new display home, the Waterlily 256. Walking through this home is a wonderful way to imagine yourself living in a Stroud Homes home.

Check our our 3D walk-through:

Waterlily 256

“What you see is what you get when you walk through a display home,” says Jason.

Black & White Quotes

What you see is what you get when you request a quote with Stroud Homes Ipswich as well, “We do everything we can to ensure your quote is black and white and you understand exactly what’s included.”

This means that on move in day, there isn’t anything you have to worry about other than moving the furniture in.

If you’d like to talk to Jason and his team from Stroud Homes Brisbane West or Stroud Homes Ipswich, give them a call on 07 3450 9857.

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