Modern Living in Noosa

Modern Living in Noosa

Modern Home Design

From opening up the family home to dedicated study spaces to the popularity of the Butler’s Pantry, Bec Hallett from Stroud Homes Noosa fills us in on what customers in the Noosa region want from their home.

In your experience, how has the overall design of the family home changed?

The overall design of the family home has changed considerably. It’s becoming increasingly more common to design a home with the intention of maximizing space and natural light.

This is creating more of an open plan style of living. It appears to be a key feature among clients when deciding on a layout for their build.

Wildflower 190 Alpine Floor Plan
Wildflower 190 Floor Plan

Why do you think open plan living is so important to your Noosa customers?

Open plan living is so important to families these days as we all know spending time with the family is become increasingly more difficult due to time restraints and work commitments.

Having that ability to be in the kitchen cooking or in lounge room working whilst you can still interact with the family plays a huge factor.

Peregian Springs Display Home

They say the heart of the home is the kitchen, do you feel that’s true?

Absolutely, everyone loves food! It’s a great space to bring the family together. It’s becoming increasingly more common to design a kitchen to entertain rather than just to cook the family meals.

Open kitchens and big island benches allow the family to congregate.

Which Stroud Home design has your favourite kitchen layout and why?

The Montego design is probably my favourite kitchen layout. I love that it has the butler’s pantry but also has the open aspect looking over the family room, the dining room and alfresco. It’s perfect for entertaining.

Montego 450 Acreage Design

Why do you think Butler’s Pantries are so popular these days?

Butler’s pantries are very popular at the moment and I think it’s due to our changing culture; us Aussies love to entertain!

We use butler’s pantries to hide our mess whilst we entertain guests around the main kitchen. This way, our kitchen looks clean and tidy and we can enjoy ourselves whilst the cleanup can be done once our guests leaves.

What is another feature your Noosa families are looking for in a new home these days?

I think another key feature customers are looking for in a new home is a study space. I find many families are looking to have a designated study space whether it be for the kids to sit down and do their homework, a place to pay the bills or a space to work from home.

Why should people build in Noosa at the moment?

The list to answer this question is almost endless. The natural beauty of the region and the relaxed lifestyle are key factors. With regards to construction and development, the Sunshine Coast has many significant projects currently on the go.

The international airport, a new central business district, expansions to both major shopping centres and many residential developments just to name a few projects.

The experienced team from Stroud Homes Noosa would love to talk to you about building your new, dream home.

Give them a call on 07 5444 2521 or visit their Peregian Springs display home to really get an idea on what living ‘Stroud and Proud’ is really like.

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